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Special Jury Award

Toronto International Film Festival 2006

Writer/DirectorReginald Harkema


Jennifer Jonas
Leonard Farlinger
Kris King


Don McKellar
Tracy Wright
Nadia Litz

Dan (Don McKellar) and Linda (Tracy Wright) are bohemians who survive by scavenging from garbage and trawling yard sales for items they can sell over the internet. Their precarious yet comfortable routine is thrown into hilarious confusion when Susan (Nadia Litz), an attractive and mysterious young radical, enters their world and threatens their complacent lifestyle. Susan soon learns however, that she is not the only one with secrets.

Special Jury Prize TIFF 2007

Special Jury Prize BIFF 2007

Arizona Independent Film Award 2007

Chlotrudis Best Cast 2009

Vancouver Critic Circle 2007

 Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor

Produced with the financial assistance of Telefilm Canada.

Distributed by: eOne Entertainment

Monkey Warfare Trailer


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