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Director, Kaniehtiio ‘Tiio’ Horn is a Kanien’kehaka actress from Kahnawake, the Mohawk reserve outside of Montreal. Most recently she starred as Mari in the National Geographic series BARKSKINS, based on the 2016 bestselling novel of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Annie Proulx, and currently appears as Tanis in the critically acclaimed comedy series, LETTERKENNY, created by fellow Montrealer, Jacob Tierney, for which she won a 2022 Canadian Screen Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Kaniehtiio Horn as Tannis in LETTERKENNY


Additional television credits include the irreverent digital series GHOST BFF, Netflix’s NORTHERN RESCUE and WAYNE for Youtube Red. She has also recurred on the Amazon series MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE, DEFIANCE and ALPHAS for Syfy, and was a series regular on the Netflix/ Gaumont series, HEMLOCK GROVE. Most recently, Tiio was praised for her role as Deer Lady in the critically acclaimed FX series, RESERVATION DOGS. In 2017 Tiio starred in the action/thriller, MOHAWK, directed by Ted Geoghegan, for which she has received outstanding reviews. She holds supporting roles in IMMORTALS, ON THE ROAD, THE HUMMINGBIRD PROJECT and Brandon Cronenberg’s POSSESSOR. She will next appear opposite Anna Kendrick and Wunmi Mosaku in the Lionsgate thriller ALICE, DARLING, directed by Mary Nighy. In 2020, Tiio was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award as co-host of 2019 Indspire Awards. She was also honoured with ACTRA Montreal’s Walter Massey Breakthrough Artist in 2021.Tiio also serves as consulting producer on the Letterkenny spin-off SHORESY, slated to premiere on Crave in 2022.

References include  Home Alone, Attack The Block and Get Out.

Developed with the assistance of Telefilm Canada

Distributed by LevelFilm  

To be produced in association with Telefilm Canada and The Indigenous Screen Office.

Original Photo By Lane Dorsey 


Ziggy, mid-thirties, social media sensation lands the biggest corporate gig of her life promoting genetically modified seeds. Called back to the reservation, she is forced to reconnect to her roots in a battle to save her people’s legacy. A home invasion film with an indigenous twist. 

Ziggy, a thirty something Kanienkehaka (Mohawk) woman, has been making a meagre living as an online influencer, promoting whatever product or company she manages to get free stuff or discounts from. Her socials are full of stylized selfies and photos of her looking like she’s living the dream, when in reality she can hardly keep up with her bills. Her chance at financial stability comes when a giant seed corporation makes her an exciting offer she can’t refuse. When her best cousin Wiz calls her to mind their Aunty’s “off the grid”, middle of the forest house she grew up in on the rez, she packs some bags (along with her beloved cat Potato) and heads back home. It’s a bit of a culture shock to be home with none of her city living modern conveniences at her disposal. A couple of days into what she thought would be a quick jaunt back to the rez, turns into an uncertain future for not only her but everyone on the planet: the pandemic has hit and the world isn't prepared.

The home is located on a magnificent piece of property surrounded by acres of dense forest complete with a massive garden. Even though she has the beautiful place to herself, she can’t seem to ‘see’ the beauty around her and pines for the fast-paced city life she’s become accustomed to. She’s also got some unfinished business with her high school on again off again love, Bandit, who shows up just at the right time, after her beloved cat Potato is murdered by an intruder. At first Ziggy and Bandit don’t understand what the intruder could’ve been after, but soon piece together it is her family’s non-GMO corn, beans and squash seeds, passed down and protected for generations. “The Three Sisters” as they are known to the Haudenaussaunee – prized for their incredible life-giving properties. These seeds are the essence of life and must be protected at all costs. Into the picture enters Bondsman, a mean, menacing, hardcore vaping villain, hired by the world’s biggest seed and fertilizer company Infinite Seed Corp. Helped by Ziggy’s old family friend Nookie, Bondsman will stop at nothing to get his hands on those heirloom seeds, in order to destroy them for the greater good of the multi-national corporation he works for. Ziggy must find the strength within herself to protect those seeds at all costs, with some support from her ‘spirit guide’ Graham Greene who comes to her in her dreams to inspire her to reconnect to what is important; family, legacy and a sense of pride in being able to defend herself and her Mohawk community.


Written, directed and starring Kaniehtiio Horn. Also starring Graham Greene. 

Seeds is a Kaniehtiio Horn-Batt Entertainment Inc / New Real Films Inc production. It is a majority owed indigenous production.

  © New Real Films

 720A College Street Toronto Canada

416 533 2530 |

Kaniehtiio Horn-Batt Ent. Inc.

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