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A teenage Kenyan math genius creates an equation to play the stock market and brings the world financial markets to their knees.

Kipkemboi, a math genius from childhood, must pass up a MIT scholarship and provide for his family when his father dies. As he struggles with his dreams slipping away, Kipkemboi's girlfriend, Chipchirchir, gives him a used book from the local market that changes his life; Quants: How Mathematicians took over Wall Street. Inspired, he develops an algorithm to play the stock market. Drawing from his life on the farm, watching the wind, water and weather affect the birds and livestock, Kip has an insight into predicting patterns in the market. Trading from a cobbled-together computer, powered by a car battery and broadcasting from a mud hut, his algorithm turns out to be an astronomical success generating millions of dollars.

Massive profits falling into an unknown town, Metipso Kenya, attracts the attention of unsavoury international financiers, local police and the elders of his own village. When they all collide at Kipkemboi’s mud hut, the resulting clash forces Kipkemboi and Chipchirchir to run for their lives. Surviving by their wits alone, they are chased across the Kenyan countryside. With nowhere else left to run, they end up in Kibera, one of Africa’s poorest neighbourhoods where they hook up with a notorious Kenyan internet hacker. There, they hatch a plan to share the wealth with the people who need it most: ordinary Kenyans. But before they enact the plan, a riot breaks out and they are captured by the local authorities.


With his life in jeopardy and jail almost a certainty, one question remains, how could a farm boy bring down the global financial system and how far is the international world order willing to go to silence his story?

Director, Charles Uwagbai is an award-winning, passionate filmmaker. He is a Nigerian Canadian. In the last 10 years, he has directed TV ads, theatrical releases and over 20 movies for international power house IrokoTV(Canal Plus). He directed THE GHOST AND THE TOUT - 17th highest grossing Nollywood film ever - showing on Netflix. Charles recently produced and directed BLOOD OF ENOGIE drama series, showcasing the incredibly rich culture of the Benin Empire. Charles’ produced films have premiered in the USA, Canada Europe.

Kipkemboi is written by Joel Richardson and produced by Jennifer Jonas and Leonard Farlinger

References include Slumdog Millionaire, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Whale Rider and Queen of Katwe.

Developed with the assistance of The Harold Greenberg Fund.

 Produced with Telefilm Canada, Ontario Creates and CBC Films. 


 © New Real Films 

720A College Street Toronto Canada

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Zamaradi Productions

Chalbi Drive, Nairobi, Kenya

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