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Kicking Blood

” Beguiling”      ” Bale steals the show”           

– Alisha Mughal, Exclaim!

KICKING BLOOD final.jpeg

Blaine Thurier


Leonard Farlinger

Jennifer Jonas


Alanna Bale
Luke Bilyk

Benjamin Sutherland

Ella Jonas Farlinger

Vinessa Antoine

Rosemary Dunsmore

After falling for a charming recovering alcoholic, modern day vampire Anna sets her mind, and heart, on quitting blood and becoming human again.





“Bale’s rebellious charisma oozes from the screen”

  • Neil Vagg, Get Your Comic On


Produced in association with New Real Films, Ontario Creates, the NOHFC,  Generativity Productions, Cion and LevelFilm.

Developed with the assistance of Telefilm Canada and The Harold Greenberg Fund

Distributed in Canada by Level Film and in the US by XYZ Distribution

World Sales Elle Driver 



I'm Yours Productions Inc.


North American Theatrical Release April  2022

Anna has been living in a haze of psychedelic blood bliss for as long as she can remember. Her hedonistic existence is challenged when she meets Robbie, a charming alcoholic party boy late one night. He is looking for a drink; she is looking for a feed; they bond. Anna takes him home, intrigued that Robbie doesn’t care if he lives or dies. She decides to let him live and stay with her until he gets sober – putting her at odds with her true murderous nature and the wrath of her vampire clan.


When Anna watches her best mortal friend die from cancer, it inspires her to choose life. Confronted by her cohort of vampires, Anna vows to quit blood and become human again for the love of life... and Robbie, of course. Anna, weakened by blood withdrawal, makes a run for it with Robbie as they are preyed upon by the vampires. In a final showdown, what it means to be human is put to the test.

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