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Sugar 10
sugar 6-2
Sugar 1

Based On Short Stories By
Bruce LaBruce


Todd Klinck
Jaie Laplante
John Palmer


John Palmer


John Buchan
Damion Nurse

Executive Producer

Jennifer Jonas


Brendan Fehr
Andre Noble
Maury Chaykin
Sarah Polley

Based on short stories by acclaimed writer and filmmaker Bruce LaBruce, Sugar is a provocative, challenging and bizarrely funny coming-of-age love story between Cliff (Andrew Noble), a restless teen living in the suburbs, and Butch (Brendan Fehr), a street hustler. Butch challenges Cliff’s sheltered upbringing by exposing him to a different world that changes Cliff forever.

"Two leads are excellent... the script is pared to the essential, without a wasted moment; editorial pace follows suit, yet always seems to catch the right telling detail. John Westheuser's vid lensing is willfully no-frills, underlining story's more brute realities."

2005 Genie Nominee - Best Adapted Screenplay & Best Supporting Actor: Brendan Fehr

Inside Out Film Festival: Best Feature Film 2004

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