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Sook-Yin Lee
Sudz Sutherland
David Weaver
Aaron Woodley

Jennifer Jonas
David Weaver


Leonard Farlinger


Gil Bellows
Sook-Yin Lee
K.C. Collins
Carly Pope
Lisa Ray
Ricardo Hoyos
Samantha Weinstein
Tygh Runyan
Toka Murphy
Olivia Palenstein
Cameron Kennedy
Frank Moore
Mike McPhaden

The chaos and confusion of Pearson's arrivals lounge. Hundreds pass through its doors each day. A young boy steps off a plane not speaking a word of English. An immigrant. A refugee. Alone and without identification. Deposited in an antiseptic waiting room for hours until someone can figure out his story.

But a child's curiosity gets the best of him, and when a door is left carlessley ajar he's gone. Another turn and he's swallowed up by a tour group going downtown. Hours pass before his absence is noticed. Then suddenly alerts are issued. TV news crews launch live remotes. Search teams fan out. A child has gone missing in the city.

Toronto Stories is a feature film comprised of the four stories that a nameless boy witnesses in the course of a single day on the city streets of Toronto -- and how, in the end, each of those stories comes to be connected.

Toronto Stories Trailer

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Produced with the financial participation of Telefilm Canada, The OMDC Film Fund and The Harold Greenberg Fund and The Movie Network.

Distributed by Seville

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