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Kipkemboi, a teenage Kenyan math genius from a small village, creates an equation to play the stock market and brings the financial world to its knees.


The film brings together an exceptional Kenyan and Canadian cast and crew encouraging future collaborations between these two great nations and peoples.

Upcoming Festival Screenings

African Diaspora Intl. Film Festival

Washington, DC 

August 4, 2024


International Images Film Festival for Women

Harare, Zimbabwe

August 23-31, 2024


Kanazawa Film Festival

Kanazawa, Japan

September 4-8, 2024


Quibdó África Film Festival

Quibdó, Columbia

September 14-18, 2024


Blackstar International Film Festival

Accra, Ghana

September 17-22, 2024


"African Director Charles Uwagbai’s charming Kipkemboi is a well-made Kenyan-Canadian co-production that has every ingredient for a film to succeed. In no particular order these factors include: A David vs Goliath storyline that has you rooting for the underdog; attractive protagonists; hiss-worthy villains; plot twists; young love; on-location shooting at exotic places; strong female characters; an uplifting POV; and more.”

- Hollywood Progressive


The story of an African teenager in a mud hut who brings the world financial markets to its knees.


Kipkemboi, a math genius since his childhood, must pass up a MIT scholarship and provide for his family when his father dies. As he struggles with his dreams slipping away, Kipkemboi's girlfriend, Chipchirchir, gives him a used book from the local market that changes his life; Quants: How Mathematicians took over Wall Street. Inspired, he develops an algorithm to play the stock market. Drawing from his life on the farm, watching the wind, water and weather affect the birds and livestock, Kip has an insight into predicting patterns in the market. Trading from a cobbled-together computer, powered by a car battery and broadcasting from a mud hut, his algorithm turns out to be an astronomical success generating millions of dollars.


Massive profits falling into an unknown town, Metipso Kenya, attracts the attention of unsavoury international financiers, local police and the elders of his own village. When they all collide at Kipkemboi’s mud hut, the resulting clash forces Kipkemboi and Chipchirchir to run for their lives. Surviving by their wits alone, they are chased across the African countryside.


With his life in jeopardy and jail almost a certainty, one question remains, how could a farm boy bring down the global financial system and how far is the international world order willing to go to silence his story?

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Director: Charles Uwagbai

Writer/Production Designer: Joel Richardson

Producer: Jennifer Jonas

Executive Producers: Appie Matere and Leonard Farlinger

Director of Photography: Rudolf Blahachek

Editor: Jeremy Munce

Composer: Amin Bhatia

Director  - Charles Uwagbai

Charles Uwagbai is an award-winning, passionate, and creative film director based in Ontario, Canada, with a strong focus on the world of cinema. With over a decade of experience, Charles has dedicated his career to producing and directing captivating film projects across various platforms, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Canal Plus (Iroko TV, Rokstudios), and more. His diverse filmography includes titles such as; "The Ghost and the Tout", "Esohe", "Charlie Charlie", "The Blood of Enogie", ...

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"I was immediately attracted to the script because it connected with me on a personal level – reinforcing something I believe which is our minds can be our greatest tool for escape, and the betterment of our lives. I felt the story was unique and yet, there’s something very universal about our main characters journey. I find too often we see projects set in Africa that reflect the worst of society. This feels like an opportunity to open our eyes and look at things in a different way."

Thamela Mpumlwana - Kipkemboi

In the very short time Thamela Mpumlwana has been acting, he has already secured significant roles in a variety of television series. He appeared as Tyson, series regular, on In The Dark (CBS/CW) as well as the role of Sly in 21 Thunder (CBC). Other select credits include: Owen in Departure (Global), Liam in Ransom (CBS), Young T’Kuvma in Star Trek: Discovery (CT), Dave in DHX’s Creeped Out, Artie in Murdoch Mysteries (CBC), and Samuel in Saving Hope (CTV). In 2014 Thamela appeared in the Lifetime movie The Gabby Douglas Story which was nominated for an NAACP Award. 

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In 2013, Thamela received a nomination at the St. Tropez International Film Festival for Best Actor in The Warrior and The Savior, a feature film directed by Salvatore Sorrentino. Thamela has appeared in the role of Trey in the NBC series Transplant and in the recurring role of Richie in Pretty Hard Cases(CBC). He can also be seen in the feature film Akilla’s Escape, directed by Charles Officer, which premiered at the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival. Thamela is also a talented animation actor and can be heard in 2 seasons of Peg and Cat (PBS, role of Ramone), The Magic Hockey Skates (CBC, role of Bernie), and Arthur (PBS, role of Sheick).

Carpe Dee Yum Productions is happy to announce completion of principle photography for our feature film 


Ziggy is offered her first gig as an online influencer, promoting Nature’s Oath, a seed and fertilizer company. When her cousin summons her back to the rez, she is forced into a battle to save her people’s legacy, finding her power along the way. 

“Stepping behind the camera to write, direct and produce felt like a natural progression after 20 years of experience in front of the camera as an actress. It’s been really exciting having this chance to flex the creative muscles I have gained along the way,” said Horn.  “SEEDS is a fun genre bending dark comedy. It is particularly gratifying to bring Indigenous stories to life in this way, and I couldn’t have done this without such an incredible team supporting me.”

Director/Writer: Kaniehtiio Horn
Producers: Jennifer Jonas and Leonard Farlinger
Executive Producers: Eva Thomas and Kaniehtiio Horn
Cinematographer: Jonathon Cliff
Production Designer: Matt Ellis
Editor: Lindsay Allikas
Composer: alaska B

RESERVATION DOGS and LETTERKENNY star Kaniehtiio Horn stars

in her feature directorial debut.

Horn serves as star, writer, director, and executive producer in the genre-bending

home invasion comedy. Seeds is one of TELEFILM CANADA’s six Indigenous projects selected for support through their Indigenous Stream for the Production Program.
Produced by Carpe Dee Yum Productions, Inc., and Jennifer Jonas and
Leonard Farlinger of New Real Films. The film also stars Graham Greene, Dallas Goldtooth, Patrick Garrow, Meegwun Fairbrother and Dylan Cook. Rounding out the ensemble are Bonnie Whitlow, and Cherish Violet Blood.

Financial Partners are Telefilm Canada, Indigenous Screen Office (ISO), Ontario Creates and the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) 

Distributed by Level Film

Kaniehtiio Horn is

ZIGGY – early 30s, mostly put together, is a Kanienkehaka (Mohawk) woman from the small fictional Pine River Rez. Heartbroken, she left the rez and has been living in a studio apartment in the city with her ginger cat Potato for the better part of a year. Making a meagre living as a bicycle food delivery person, she passes a lot of her 

time online, posting cat selfies, outfit of the days, get ready with me’s and reel’s discussing her favourite subjects including warfare, torture, myths and legends. To Ziggy’s surprise she is offered a job by a multinational seed and fertilizer company, Nature’s Oath. With a hefty pay day, she agrees to be their new brand ambassador, promoting their products to her handful of followers.



Dallas Goldtooth 


is WIZ – Ziggy’s closest cousin, basically a brother. Often teasing Ziggy to get a rise out of her. A bit of a pothead, people tend to underestimate his intelligence. He is the salt of the earth kinda dude, and likely the smartest guy in the room. A fisherman. Against globalization, anti-colonialism, an activist heart and soul. Proud of where he comes from. His greatest dream is to create a sustainable pet food company.


Graham Greene

is GRAHAM GREENE – Graham plays his bad ass self. Ziggy falls asleep to old episodes of his show “Exhibit A”. He is Ziggy’s spirit guide, appearing to her in dreams.





I wanted to make a fun ride of a film with the strong Indigenous female lead I wish I could have seen when I was a teenager. A movie I would have watched over and over again. A movie with a rad soundtrack and a woman kicking dudes’ asses into oblivion. Once the action gets going the pace remains fast. The visual style is dark and grounded.  


Originally, I set out to write a fun adult version of Home Alone, I love practical FX, blood, stunts and making people laugh. Somehow this simple idea turned into a layered film touching on serious issues like food sovereignty as well as universally relatable aspects like finding once self and returning home. I also found a way of bringing in some historical aspects like my people's penchant for torture (fun!).


I have a hard time taking myself too seriously, it’s just not who I am. This film feels the same way while remaining grounded and real. 

Kicking Blood

When Anna, a centuries old vampire, watches Robbie, a charming but reckless young man, recovers from alcoholism, she decides to quit blood and restore her humanity.

“a gorgeously moody feature”

“effortlessly cool”

“utterly absorbing”   “Bale is fantastic”

- Paul Heath, The Hollywood News

“Bale steals the show”


- Alisha Mughal, Exclaim!

- Meagan Navarro, Bloody Disgusting

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Canadian Screen Awards.png
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