Matt Watts

Leonard Farlinger


Jennifer Jonas
Shannon Fewster

Mister Epiphany

Peter and Anna have been best friends for years.

Peter and his girlfriend, Heather, go to a party thrown by Anna and her boyfriend, David. Partway through the festivities, David announces his engagement to Anna. This forces Peter to realize and confess in private that he’s madly in love with Anna.

To his surprise, Anna feels the same way. And this sets in motion a journey that abandons their solid relationships for supposedly purer, more honest passions.

But it’s messy. Not only is Anna engaged to David, but Peter has just bought a new house with Heather. So Anna and Peter decide to have their cake and eat it too, finding endless excuses to avoid finding the right time to break up with their current partners while
carrying on with their affair.

When Heather, a psychologist, finally finds out, she compartmentalizes and refuses to accept Peter’s desire to leave her as anything more than his fear of commitment expressing itself, while David, distraught, beats the crap out of Peter and overdoses on benzodiazepines, and ends up in the hospital.

Where do Peter and Anna go from here? How can they possibly reconcile what they’re doing as “right” when they’re hurting people they love? By escaping up North and trying to have the weekend of their dreams. Which, of course, fails miserably, as they finally realize they aren’t meant to be together and race home to David and Heather, hoping they’ll be taken back before it’s too late.

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