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The story of an African boy in a mud hut who brings the world financial markets to their knees.

Arrested on suspicion of terrorism Kipkemboi, a poor boy from a small African village, is forced by the local police to tell his incredible story. A math genius from childhood, he must pass up a MIT scholarship when his father dies and stay at home to provide for his family. As he struggles with his dreams slipping away, his girlfriend, Chipchirchir, gives him a used book from the local market that changes his life, Quants: How Mathematicians took over Wall Street. Inspired, he develops an algorithm of his own to play the stock market. Trading from a cobbled-together computer powered by a car battery and broadcasting from a mud hut, the algorithm turns out to be an astronomical success generating millions of dollars and attracting the attention of international financial kingpins, local police and the elders of his own village. When they all collide at Kipkemboi’s mud hut, the resulting clash leaves his mother dead and forces Kipkemboi and Chipchirchir to run for their lives. Surviving by their wits, they are chased across the countryside facing hair-raising encounters with thugs, mercenaries and corrupt police. Convinced the only hope is to give his algorithm away online to Africans, Kipkemboi meets up with Kenya’s most wanted computer hacker in Nairobi’s biggest slum, Kibera. 


With his life in jeopardy and jail almost a certainty, one question remains, how could a simple farm boy bring down the global financial system and how far is the international world order willing to go to silence his story? 

Kipkemboi is written by Joel Richardson and produced by Jennifer Jonas and Leonard Farlinger

References include Slumdog Millionaire, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Whale Rider and Queen of Katwe.

Developed with the assistance of The Harold Greenberg Fund.

 Produced with Telefilm Canada, Ontario Creates and CBC Films.