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A vampire must kick blood to become human and keep the mortal man that she loves. Problem is, withdrawal could kill her.

Writer / Director Blaine Thurier | Producers Jennifer Jonas, Leonard Farlinger

90 Min Live Action Horror Romantic Comedy | Budget 1.6 Mil | Shooting Fall 2019

On the night of her thirtieth birthday, Anna celebrates in style with her best friends by feeding on a co-worker. Anna and her fellow vampires vow to remain faithful to one another for eternity. Robbie is a charming alcoholic who has hit rock bottom. Standing on a bridge contemplating death, Robbie meets Anna. A drunk looking for a drink and a vampire looking for a feed, they bond. Anna takes him home and listens to Robbie’s tragic tale. Before the evening is over, Robbie vows to quit drinking. Intrigued, Anna lets him stay at her apartment to get clean. Over time, Anna develops feelings for Robbie and it puts her in conflict with her murdering nature and vampire clan.


When Robbie kicks booze, Anna is inspired to kick blood, uncertain if it will kill her or not but convinced it is the only way to become human again.


References include A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, Only Lovers Left Alive and Get Out and What We Do In The Shadows


Kicking Blood explores the horrors of addition using the metaphor of vampirism.