A female vampire is inspired to kick blood and become human again when she inadvertently helps a charming alcoholic become clean. The only problem is, withdrawal could kill her.







Alana Bale, Luke Bilyk and Vinessa Antione

Writer/Director Blaine Thurier | Co-Writer Leonard Farlinger | Producer Jennifer Jonas

90 Min Live Action Dark Comedy | Budget 1 Mil | In post production 

It’s Anna’s twenty-fourth birthday and the elderly staff at the library where she works quietly mark the occasion with carrot cake and song. Anna, a centuries old vampire, celebrates in style that night by feeding on a co-worker who mistreats Bernice, her best and only friend. In a haze of psychedelic blood fueled bliss, Anna fully indulges her addiction. 


Meanwhile, Robbie, an alcoholic party boy, wakes up in the aftermath of a party where he blacked out and made out with his pregnant sister’s fiancé. She kicks him out of her apartment and later that day he’s fired from his job. Homeless and unemployed, standing on a bridge contemplating his fate, Robbie meets Anna.


A drunk looking for a drink and a vampire looking for a feed, they bond. 


Anna takes him home. Intrigued that Robbie doesn’t care if he lives or dies, Anna decides not to feed on him and lets him stay at her apartment to get sober. Over time, Anna develops affection for Robbie and it puts her in conflict with her murdering nature and vampire clan. Ultimately, Robbie succeeds in becoming sober and his determination to live an authentic life without addictions begins to have an impact on Anna. On the prowl for blood one night, a rift between Anna and her vampire cohorts develops when she refuses to take part in the murder of an innocent victim.


Bernice plagued by terminal cancer ends up in the hospital on the verge of death. Anna visits and witnesses Bernice dying. It inspires Anna to live. She rushes back to the apartment and sleeps with Robbie recklessly ignoring the peril she brings to both of them.


Anna’s vampire friends show up at the apartment, discover Robbie there and assume that he will be their next victim. Anna fights them off, declaring she’s quitting blood and that she’s going to become human again. They warn her that it’s suicide but Anna doesn’t care, she can’t go on murdering people tormented by the curse of living forever.


As Anna struggles from blood withdrawal, she and Robbie make a run for it preyed upon by the vampires. In a final confrontation, all that it means to be human is put to the test.   


References include Only Lovers Left Alive and Under The Skin and What We Do In The Shadows

Kicking Blood explores the journey out of addiction using the metaphor of vampirism.



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Made with the generous support of Ontario Creates, NOHFC, CION and The Harold Greenberg Fund